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Reuss Dental is committed to providing optimum oral health to all our patients. Having a dazzling smile can boost your confidence and even change your outlook on life. Our practice specializes in a wide range of procedures, from dental implants to full mouth rejuvenation. We also use only the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment available--including the NewTom 9000 CT scanner, dental lasers, and digital dentistry. Come visit us or give us a call at 530-365-4581.
We have standards at Dr. Reuss Dental.  We make sure all of our staff, and equipment are up to date and meet all compliance standards.  How do we do that?  Education.  We are constantly trying to improve ourselves through attending the most current seminars and continuing ..
Hear are what our patients’ say: “Reuss Dental is an outstanding dental office! The office building is beautiful inside and out. The office staff are very friendly and professional, and the Dental Hygienists rock! Dr. Reuss is the greatest dentist I have ever seen ..
Over the years at Dr. Reuss Dental we have provided some wonderful care to our patients and really improved their lives.  Some of the more amazing pieces of work we have completed on our clients can be found in our Case Studies Library, feel free to look through the cases to ..