What are dental implants?

When teeth are lost in the chewing system, bad things happen. The most obvious problems with missing teeth are lack of chewing forces and loss of esthetics. Other problems that arise but are often overlooked until its too late are; drifting of adjacent teeth into the missing space, loss of bone in a horizontal and vertical dimension, and a change in bite patterns- to just name a few. We use Platelet Rich Fibrin in all our implant procedures to help optimize healing and decrease post operative pain. 


We are different to most dental offices because we do all phases of implant treatment in one place, our office. Our patients enjoy the simplicity of scheduling all their visits with us and having implant therapy from start to finish. There are many advantages to having your implant done in one place. Our goal is the final product that you will be most happy with.

The dental implant is a great way to replace these missing teeth. There are many types of dental implants; blades, root form, subperiosteal, mini’s,etc. The most common are root form implants that mimic the roots of teeth. The dental implant is made up of two parts;

1. the titanium screw (dental implant) that goes into the bone for support

2. the abutment which is top part that supports the Crown. In our office we do both of these steps making the process easy for you.

This patient had two teeth that were missing and wanted to restore her smile. After studying her New Tom Scan(3d image) we found that she had lost a significant amount of bone over the years due to her missing teeth. We elevated the sinus to provide enough bone to place two implants. All this was done with local anesthesia and minimal discomfort. The digital x-ray shows how the sinus was elevated with the abutments in place (no crowns). The final picture shows the finished crowns and the nice tissue surrounding the implants.



Over the years at Dr. Reuss Dental we have provided some wonderful care to our patients and really improved their lives.  Some of the more amazing pieces of work we have completed on our clients can be found in our Case Studies Library, feel free to look through the cases to see the improvements we have made in people’s lives.