Dr. Reuss’ Top 5 Dental Resolutions for 2012
7th Jan 2013 | Posted in: Blog Comments Off on Dr. Reuss’ Top 5 Dental Resolutions for 2012
Dr. Reuss’ Top 5 Dental Resolutions for 2012
  1. SHARE A SMILE: Have you ever noticed that if you share your smile with someone that they will most likely return the favor. Give it a try!

2.  FLOSS MORE: I know you hear this every year, but why not? What do you have to lose?

3. Brush kid’s teeth for 2 minutes, 2 times a day.

This is a national campaign started by The American Dental Association (ADA) to promote good oral hygiene in our kids. They have some fun videos and games to      go along with it. Check it out@

4.  Diet: No you don’t have to lose weight for this dental resolution, but it might happen without you even knowing. Look at your diet and try to eliminate the extra sugary snack or drink. Your teeth will benefit, since the plaque won’t have the sugar to make acid which creates those pesky areas of decay.

5.  Your Teeth aren’t Tools!  Your teeth are for chewing and smiling. Your teeth shouldn’t act as a convenient opener or cutting tool. Don’t use your teeth to  open up potato chip bags, holding pens, biting split shot for fishing or any other clever use you may tempt your teeth with.

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