Esthetic Tissue Grafting
Esthetic Tissue Grafting #2
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Esthetic Tissue Grafting #2

Alloderm Case #2: Three Year Follow up

This patient had a significant amount of recession on her lower left bicuspids and molar. We decided that the three teeth with the gold needed to be protected and enhanced around the roots. In the before photo there are tooth colored fillings that had been previously placed at the neck of the root because of decay and wear. This is a common problem in areas where there is gum recession. The cervical portion (neck) of the root is more susceptible to decay and breakdown. Another problem that the patient was having was that the tissue was very fragile and tender around the roots. The patient elected to have an Alloderm graft which would allow us to add tissue with only one surgery site. We used the patient’s own blood to gain a platelet rich mixture that also contained growth factors that help supercharge the healing around the new graft. The before and after photos are 3 years apart and show how the tissue matures over time. This procedure I have been using over the last several years is minimally invasive and provides a great result in areas where the tissue is missing.

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