Esthetic Tissue Grafting
8th Jan 2010 | Posted in: Portfolio 1
Esthetic Tissue Grafting

Smile Case #1: Gum Recession

Do you have gums that are receding? Often times I encounter patients who complain of sensitivity at the gum line of their teeth or they have large areas of exposed root. Their teeth may be sensitive to brushing their teeth with cold water, breathing in cold air, or even just touching the sensitive area. Its important to find the underlying cause of this in each person. In cases where there has been a lot of tissue loss, a large area of the root of the tooth is exposed. This becomes a problem since it exposes the tooth to more harmful effects and can affect the long term health of the tooth. This case shows how we were able to add and strengthen the tissue around the root.

The benefits of this procedure:
1. Increase thickness of tissue around the neck of the tooth.

2. Replace lost tissue that has receded.

3. Protect the vulnerable root of the tooth.

4. Use only “One” surgery site as opposed to two.

5. Esthetically enhance the smile

6. Minor Post Operative discomfort

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  1. admin
    8:37 pm on March 8th, 2010

    Oh man super good procedure. that looks great, i want it done on my teeth!