Jaclyn, RDA- Dr. Jr’s Chairside Assistant
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Jaclyn, RDA- Dr. Jr’s Chairside Assistant

My role is to assist Dr. Jr. in all dental procedures and surgeries.  My favorite part of the job is getting to know the patients and looking forward to seeing their names on the schedule.

When not in the office I enjoy; reading, playing facebook games, spending time with husband, Beau, and tending to my four “children”: 2 dogs-Luca and Bella, 2 cats- Cuba and Emmett.

My funny dental experience:  One of our dogs Luca is very big, weighing 115lbs.  When he stands he is almost eye level with most dressers and tables we have. One day I came home to find Luca eating one of my dental splints called a JSS (Jaw Stabilizing Splint) that I had put on my night stand in a plastic protective case. The only thing left of my JSS was plastic crumbs which was alomost his “Last Meal”.  The moral of the story is to keep your dental appliances out of your furry family member’s reach. (No dogs were harmed in the making of this story).

Dental Experience: 6.5 years

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