Karen- Front Desk Office administrator
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Karen- Front Desk Office administrator
I am usually the first person that greets you on the phone or in person when you come to our office. I help coordinate appointments and take care of the many clerical tasks of the office. I also help in answering any questions patients may have in regard to their appointments or treatment. On my free time I enjoy cooking, scrapbooking and playing with my granddaughter, Maddison.

I love getting to know patients and helping them to feel comfortable here in our practice.

My Funny Dental Experience: I was checking a patient in for his perio therapy appointment and he asked if the dental hygienist could fix all his teeth. I told him he was only scheduled to see the hygienist. He then smiled, showing me a mouth full of broken and decayed teeth. I didn’t know what to say since he was only scheduled for a cleaning. The patient laughed and took out his “fake teeth” and said he was just kidding.

Experience: 11 years with Dr. Reuss

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