Laser Dentistry
9th Jan 2010 | Posted in: Blog Comments Off on Laser Dentistry
Laser Dentistry

What is Laser Dentistry? Most everyone has seen the movie Star Wars and have been dazzled by the duels with the “light saber”. Well, dentistry has come up with its own and uses the latest technology to develop a laser that can cut through both hard and soft tissue. The Biolase MD is the laser we use to enhance our patient’s dental experience.

Some of the benefits of the Laser are:

1. Minimally invasive and conservative preparations of the tooth structure.

2. Smaller dose of anesthetic needed. Some cases, No shot!

3. Excellent and faster soft tissue healing.

4. No drill- In some cases we don’t need to use the dreaded drill.

5. Works great for soft tissue surgery- no scalpel is needed.

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