Biohorizons Global Symposium; Phoenix, AZ
9th May 2011 | Posted in: Blog, Site News 2
Biohorizons Global Symposium; Phoenix, AZ

We (Dr. Sr, myself, and Bruce our Implant Technician) from Biohorizons Global Symposium in Phoenix, Az. It was an excellent meeting with speakers from all over the world discussing a wide variety of uses of the Biohorizon implant system that we use in our office. We have been using Biohorizons for the past 10 years with great success. Its good to see that the company is dedicated to improving their product through research.

A new surface technology that only Biohorizon is using is the new “Laser Lok” surface on the implant. It is desined to behave more like a tooth allowing connective tissue to have a physical attachment at the surface of the implant. The advantage of this is that it helps to have a stronger soft tissue interface at the implant above the bone. This is what makes dentistry fun, all the new technology and improvements that have and are being made. Talk to you soon, Dr. Jr.

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