California Dental Convention 2013, San Francisco
21st Aug 2013 | Posted in: Blog Comments Off on California Dental Convention 2013, San Francisco

I attended the annual CDA Convention this year to see the latest innovations and techniques in dentistry.  I was also asked by Biolase who makes the Waterlase MD (which I use) to show other dentists who are curious about lasers what kind of techniques and applications  the laser can be used for. Using lasers for the past 10 years, I appreciate what the laser can do for my techniques and how it benefits our patients. I like to use the phrase, “Bladeless and Bloodless”, to describe my experience with the laser. My laser replaces the scalpel blade allowing a very conservative way to reflect gingival tissue for various surgeries that I do.  I had a chance to talk to a number of dentists and show them how the laser can benefit them and their patients. Also, thanks to Biolase for my nice accommodations while in San Francisco.


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