Fly High with OBI- Annual Session
14th Nov 2016 | Posted in: Blog Comments Off on Fly High with OBI- Annual Session

I just came back from our annual OBI (Orognathic Bioesthetic International) meeting in SanDiego this October. We had some really interesting topics presented from speakers from around the world. Bernard Egger from Feussen, Germany has developed a new type of splint that can be made digitally to help our patients suffering from TMD problems. It applies the Bioesthetic principles with the latest technology to make very accurate and esthetic MAGO’s (splints).  I really enjoy how these pioneers are utilizing the new technology to apply biological principles that have stood the test of time.

Dr. Jay Levy presented some of his latest research in which he looks at the mechanosensory mechanisms that underlay mastication. His presentation included the importance of airway and the atlanto-occipito joint and its involvement with the occlusion. His research and observations opened up more questions and ideas. img_5213

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