Bioesthetic Full Mouth Reconstruction and Video!
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Bioesthetic Full Mouth Reconstruction and Video!

Bioesthetics allows us to address the whole mouth as a chewing system rather than unrelated parts.  When this happens we can achieve beautiful results.  Both the top and bottom teeth are treated together to allow the system to work in harmony.  Our goal is to follow the biological principles that have stood the test of time.

What are these Bioesthetic principles? 1. Teeth should look like teeth and display the anatomy they were designed to have. Each tooth has individual characteristics that make it look and function differently than the teeth around it. In an unprotected dentition a common signs of deterioration is tooth wear, loss and disease . When tooth wear occurs, then the tooth loses its unique characteristics and protection it provides. Principle 2: The jaw joint(temporomandibular joint) needs to be in its most stable and comfortable position that is repeatable. When the joint is stable it allows the muscles that move the jaw in a smooth non painful motion. I have seen many patients that think they need a root canal because their tooth hurts, but after a thorough diagnosis, its a muscle or trigger point that is causing this pain. Principle 3: Proper Protection and Guidance allow for the teeth to function in a harmonious way without interferences. When teeth function in this harmonious way it allows for a more comfortable bite that eliminates painful stimuli. These principles are very basic to how a healthy system should operate.  Our goal is to strive to re-introduce these lost principles in diseased mouths.

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