“ORGANIC” DENTISTRY”- AAID annual meeting 2013 Oct 24-26 drreuss web blog
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AAID annual meeting 2013 Oct 24-26 web blog

New advancements discussed at this year’s AAID (American Academy of Implant Dentistry) annual meeting held in Phoenix, AZ encouraged me with new techniques to offer our patients. I was surprised to see how digital dentistry (Cad/Cam) has rapidly progressed in the past few years. CBCT 3d scans (like our New Tom) can be merged with digital scans. These scans are used to mill blocks (they look like a hockey puck) of titanium, zirconium or resin to provide a multitude of treatment options. It is now possible to get a denture milled from a resin “puck”. This new technique shortens the time it takes to get a new set of teeth (more to come on this) while providing more strength.
There are some exciting advancements in the area of bone grafting and soft tissue healing. One of our lectures discussed the scientific evidence of how PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and PRF (Platelet rich Fibrin) help enhance the healing cascade around our implants and bone grafts. We have been using PRP for over 10 years and see the huge benefits in wound healing with our patients. The healing time is faster and less post operative pain is a huge plus.
A new system has been developed to extract PRF from a small sample taken from the patient’s own blood. This PRF can be isolated by a centrifuge and used in the surgery site to provide a high concentration of growth factors and other natural wound healing cells. The “Interspin” will allow us to add these natural occurring growth factors to our bone grafts and implant surgery cases. You could even call it ” organic grafting”, since this process concentrates your own growth factors with no additives or chemicals. This is an exciting time in dentistry with all these new developments.


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  1. Dental Implants Process
    9:44 pm on November 10th, 2013

    The new techniques have made the dental implant much more convinient and pain – less for the patients. ‘Organic grafting’ is really an amazing process as it focuses on the natural healing factors without the help of chemicals. Looking forward to know more about ‘organic Dentistry’. Thanks for sharing!