The NewTom Advantage
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The NewTom Advantage

What is the New Tom Advantage?

In our office we have the ability to look at your jaws, jaw joints and teeth with 3 dimensional imaging (Cone Beam Computerized Tomography). This provides us with a wealth of information to give you the best possible treatment. We were the first dental office in our area to offer this technology to our patients. Since 2004 we have used this imaging in many different ways to help us diagnose and treat many patients like yourself.




What are the benefits to you, the patient?

1. Very fast. The scan only takes 70 seconds to gather all the information needed to form a 3D image of your chewing system. You can comfortably lay down in an open environment and let the New Tom do its thing.
2. It’s safe.
This new technology has dramatically reduced the effective radiation dose by traditional x-ray machines. It is equivalent to a traditional single panoramic x-ray and has 6 times less radiation than a conventional CT scan used in Hospitals.
3. Great Information about you. “You don’t know what you can’t see.”
The New Tom allows us to see things that normally go undetected. It allows us to see more information about your jaws and chewing system. The information gained from your scan helps us provide you with the best options for treatment.
4. Better planning and communication “Begin with the end in mind”
Using this technology has improved the way we treat our patients. Seeing what lies under the tissue gives us a better perspective on what treatment will work the best. Being able to see the big picture gives us the opportunity to communicate the various options in a more predictable way.

How does it differ from digital x-rays?

Digital x-rays are used in the dental office to give a 2 dimensional view of teeth. They are excellent for diagnosing decay and periodontal disease, but are limited in its depth of field. We use digital x-rays to examine individual teeth during our initial New Patient exams and Recall exams.

Traditional Panoramic X-Ray

Traditional Panoramic X-Ray

NewTom Digital Scan

NewTom Digital Scan

How do we use the New Tom?

We commonly use the New Tom scan prior to dental implant surgeries. After placing and restoring many implants over the years we have found the NT scan to be an invaluable tool in determining the best site for the implant. We are able to see the height and width of bone which can’t be seen in traditional dental x-rays. If teeth have been missing for some time we can see how much bone loss has occurred and determine what type of bone grafting is needed. Some of the other many uses include; examining the TMJ, wisdom teeth, endodontic evaluation (abcessed teeth), maxillary sinus. Any area where we would like to have more information to make a better diagnosis, we will take a NT scan.

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