We are a unique office that provides multiple opportunities for our patients. The below list is only a sampling of what can be done in your treatment. Our goal is to give you an overall plan that fits you and your needs. Everyone is different and that’s why we are too!

Comprehensive Dentistry

• CONSULTATION to answer all your questions
• Jaw Joint Stabilization ( TMJ )
OCCLUSAL SPLINTS- MAGO or Jaw Stabilizing Splint (JSS)

Dr. Reuss’s many years of experience and extensive training qualify him to care for your unique dental needs. We have a beautiful before and after photo album to show you the wonderful, transforming results of comprehensive bioesthetic reconstruction.

Dental Implants

Dr. Reuss has been placing and restoring dental implants (click here for more details) since 1987. Dr. Reuss has extensive training in placing and restoring dental implants for patients with lost or missing teeth.  He is experienced in all phases of implant surgery, bone grafting, and reconstruction. Single teeth, multiple teeth, and full arches can be securely restored with the aid of dental implant support. The replacement teeth can be securely affixed to the dental implants so they are as much like natural teeth in appearance and function as possible.  Dr. Reuss does all the steps for implant placement and restoration in our office.  The advantage for our patients is that it is well coordinated and everything is done in one place.

• Same Day Implant- get implant and tooth in one visit (depends on individual case)
• Single Tooth Implant/Crown
• Multiple Tooth Implants/Implant supported bridge

 Oral Surgery

• EXTRACTIONS: all types and complexities
• SEDATIVE DENTISTRY: We want your visit to be relaxed and without worries. We can talk about your options.
• BONE GRAFTING to improve healing and preservation of the jaw bone. Any time a tooth is lost or removed there will be a defect from the sock

Site Preservation with Platelet Rich Fibrin and Bone Grafting (SEE PRF VIDEO)

Dr. Reuss uses the latest techniques in bone grafting, socket preservation and soft tissue enhancement to provide optimum healing.  Dr. Reuss uses Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) which is taken from the patient’s blood and centrifuged in office to enhance the healing potential of the patient’s surgery site. The benefits of PRF with bone grafting include faster healing, decreased swelling, decreased post op discomfort, decreased incidence of dry socket, improved bone and soft tissue growth.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Bioesthetic Dentistry (ask us the difference)

• WHITENING (Laser Assisted Whitening and Custom Trays)


Over the years at Dr. Reuss Dental we have provided some wonderful care to our patients and really improved their lives.  Some of the more amazing pieces of work we have completed on our clients can be found in our Case Studies Library, feel free to look through the cases to see the improvements we have made in people’s lives.

Laser Dentistry

• Composite fillings: White fillings that are tooth colored, not metal-no Mercury used.
• Soft tissue contouring
• Laser biopsies

Dr. Reuss iv uses the laser in most implant, grafting and soft tissue surgeries. Because the laser is effective in controlling the bleeding and manipulating the tissue, a traditional scalpel is not needed. Simple restorative fillings can also be done and at times no anesthetic is needed.

Periodontal Care

• Routine dental HYGIENE care- 3, 4, or 6 month periodontal follow ups
• Esthetic Tissue Grafting-used cover areas of gum recession: Here is a Before/After photo

Click here for a video on Gum Recession!!

•Deep Cleanings- Non-surgical periodontal therapy

General Dentistry

• Cosmetic and durable natural looking CROWNS that are All porcelain
• Permanent BRIDGES to replace missing teeth
• Removable PARTIALS and DENTURES to replace missing teeth
• RELINES to snug loose partials and dentures

Dental Hygiene

• PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE cleaning and Flouride therapy
• PERIODONTAL THERAPY with anesthesia for your comfort


Complete Full Upper and Lower Dentures  with Implant support
Removable Partial Dentures